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Bamboo Fabric

Where is Bamboo Fabric Made?

Bamboo fabric is one of the many textiles derived from cellulose fibers extracted from bamboo plants. As opposed to conventional materials such as cotton or polyester, bamboo cloth possesses quite a distinctive set of characteristics that make it an option for the mindful customer. It’s incredibly soft, naturally antibacterial breathable and moisture-wicking making it perfect for anything from loungewear through to activewear.

Symphony Fabrics: Committed to Sustainable Luxury

At Symphony Fabrics, we believe in offering the best of both worlds: luxurious comfort and sustainable practices. We use bamboo from sustainably-managed forests; therefore, each item that we produce benefits the world.

Symphony's Bamboo Fabric

What is Bamboo Fabric And How it's Made?

The conversion of bamboo into cloth is an interesting process. Here’s a peek behind the curtain at Symphony Fabrics:

  • Harvesting: By choosing only well-developed culms of suitable bamboo crops from forest areas under sustainable management, we help the plant to remain viable and ensure appropriate ecosystem stability.
  • Crushing and Soaking: The bamboo culms are pulverized into chips and immersed in water to soften the fibers.
  • Pulping: The fibers are then blanched and pulped to separate cellulose from the lignin.
  • Regeneration: The closed-loop process implemented by Symphony Fabrics where the lignin is removed and used for other purposes minimizes waste while maximizing resource utilization.
  • Spinning: Then a natural enzyme process spins the cellulose into fine, soft fibers that guarantee the organic nature of the fabric.
  • Weaving and Knitting: Finally, the spun fibers are woven or knitted into beautiful and functional fabrics that can be turned into your favorite clothes and other items for home use.

Symphony Fabrics: Experience the Difference


By selecting Symphony Fabrics, you don’t only get a unique quality material but also help the planet in making an ecological decision. Our bamboo fabric is:

  • Incredibly soft and breathable: Ideal for sensitive skin and all-season warmth.
  • Naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant: It keeps you feeling clean and confident.
  • Moisture-wicking and temperature regulating: Keeps warm in winter and cold during summer.
  • Biodegradable and compostable: Minimizes your environmental footprint.
Bamboo Fabric

Symphony Fabric: The Future of Sustainable Luxury

Nature is very powerful, and therefore, sustainability is a serious aspect that the Symphony Fabric considers. This principle is apparent in our fabrics that combine rare luxury, extreme durability, and environmentally safe composition.

 Sustainability at its Best

All of our  fabrics come from organically grown naturally regenerating bamboo that does not require harsh chemicals or pesticides in order to grow. This gives our clothes both a safe and an environmental friendly touch.

 Unmatched Durability

Our fabrics are strong and durable, just like bamboo is known for its durability and strength. Bamboo fabric is used in Symphony is very strong, meaning that when you buy clothes or other fabrics they will last for many years. Our fabrics are strong but they still come out very soft, like nobody else.

 Symphony Fabric’s Commitment

Symphony Fabric as a renowned manufacturer in the textile industry, ensures the utmost level of quality and sustainability. We use ultra-modern machinery and cutting-edge techniques in order to manufacture bamboo fabrics conforming to GOTS.

What makes Symphony’s  fabrics the best choice?

Going for fabrics at Symphony is a contribution towards a greener tomorrow. This involves selecting fabrics which are not only mild to your body but also friendly to the surrounding. In this case, it implies picking durability without sacrificing on comfort and style.

Experience the Symphony difference today. Join the era of eco-sustainable luxury clothing made of bamboo fabrics by Symphony Fabric.

 Why Bamboo Fabric?

Bamboo fabric is without doubt one of the most comfortable, eco friendly and luxurious materials to choose for clothing or bedding. Here’s why:


It should be noted that bamboo is among the fastest growing natural organisms in the world and that there are some bamboo species which grow up to three feet per day. It does not use any pesticide or fertilizer and only a small amount of water thereby becoming extremely sustainable.


Bamboo fabric has been described as feeling very soft and close to that of cashmere or silk. Bamboo is a very hard material so clothes made of this fiber are rather tough and long-lasting.


It also provides superior air permeability with great moisture-wicking for year round coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. Therefore it is suitable for many pieces of clothing ranging from sportswear to luxury fashion.


Bamboo fabric is considered a greener product as compared to most other products and has less environmental impacts on the environment compared to many other textile types. It emits fewer pollutants, water, and energy. Secondly, bamboo fabric is also biodegradable and hence, it does not form part of the increased landfill wastes as well.


Moreover, bamboo  is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for those who experience adverse reactions in their skin or with other materials. Also, it is a natural antibacterial and antifungal keeping you fresh with no nasty smells.

To sum up, bamboo  is more than just clothing; it is a way of life. Opting for bamboo means opting for a world of fashion that lives side by side with nature.