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Corduroy Fabric

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What Is Corduroy Fabric?

Corduroy Fabric describes uniquely woven cloth that was used in many garments as well as furniture fabric. It is known for its distinctive features that enable it fit perfectly for different fashion occasions as well as day to day activities.

Characteristic of corduroy Fabric is thick cotton material and ribbed texture. Manchester cloth or corded velveteen is sometime used. Tufted cords forming the fabric itself may show a bare channel between them when they are visible through such base fabrics as silk or satin. Wale number, also called the “wale per inch”, is the number of wales found in a unit length of cloth. The wales of standard corduroy fabric range from about 11 to 12 units. As a result, the thinner they are, the lower the wales number on corduroy fabric.

The historical context is that corduroy traces its origin from the old town of ‘Al-Fustat’ in Egypt where they made fustian fabric around 200AD. Today’s modern corduroy came up in ‘Manchester’ in England in the early 1 It is said that this is where the name “corduroy” stems from, as it derives from Corduroy Fabric, a rough woven cloth fabric made in Eighteenth Century England.

Corduroy fabric

As an exceptional cloth, corduroy comes about when numerous constituent materials are processed employing certain techniques of manufacture. Here’s a detailed explanation of how corduroy is made:

There are different materials that are suitable for corduroy making starting with cotton, cotton-polyester blends, wool and artificial ones. Each of these materials brings special traits and benefits into fabric. An example of this is that cotton corduroy has softer, breather, and cozier attributes whereas, the wool’s has warmness and superior feeling. The synthetic blend also might be more durable and easy to care for.

For instance, corduroy is an old-age type of fabric with some tradition behind it. It should be noted, however, that corduroy was not created by any specific person or society, but rather developed into its current form as people interacted with each other across several continents over hundreds of years.

History Corduroy traces its origins to an old Egypt city known as Al-Fustat about 200 BC., where heavy cloth termed Fustain was invented with long and lifted fiber-like moleskin or velvet. It was introduced into Europe through the Italian and Spanish traders of the medieval era.

Corduroy – a fashionable fabric that emerged in Manchester, England from the 18th Century. The fabric started being called corduroy, this name probably comes from the words “cord” and “duroy”, an English coarse woollen fabric of the eighteenth century. This, however, could be just an invented etymology.

The corduroy first gained popularity and became widely used in France and in England during the eighteenth century. The noble French origin seems however to be based on a myth. As a result, this fabric is traditionally ascribed to the 18th century English factory workers. It was made out of silk in its early days and served as an outfit for aristocratic attendants. With the passage of time, corduroy has been included into different types of clothing and furniture items and was always being trendy at some point in history.

Corduroy is one of those fabrics with so many possibilities. Here’s a detailed guide on when and how to wear corduroy:

Due to the warmth and comfort feel of season corduroy, it is normally related with winter. Nevertheless, you can wear it even in the spring or summer times for instance, if it is in the lighter colors such as white, yellow, and tender pink.

Occasionally, the corduroy is casual in character, while its formality would rate little less than jeans or khakis. This is somewhat formal; this goes just beyond what could be described as smart-casual. Thus, it can be worn in different settings ranging from informal outings to formal events.

Styling Tips

Wale Count: Wale is a name given to the cords of corduroy and vertically running ribs or ridges in a corduroy fabric. A less waled-garment (widely spaced ribs) looks casual, while a highly waled-garment (narrower ribs) appears formal.

Color: Do not assume the fact that corduroy trousers have to be brown. They come in navy, green, and even black – these colors are infinitely more casual.

Pairing: The corduroy is rich in texture and personality, therefore, if you choose to wear a garment made of this material let it own your piece. Avoid wearing this combination of clothing. Go for a pair of corduroy pants and a smoother-knot sweater instead of a chunkier, ribbed one. For example, if one is wearing a dark blue Corduroy Fabric blazer, it would be better to wear a solid colored button up shirt instead of one with stripes or checks.

One Piece at a Time: However, as much as you may be into your corduroy suit, there is no need of putting on more than one corduroy piece together.